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You may wonder the relevance of the hand gestures used by a traffic police man to control the traffic on the World Deaf Day. Yes, these signs used above is to write The World Deaf Day in Sign Language. Yes, this is how the deaf children use to communicate with each other and with their teachers. Though they possess the same intellectual capabilities as other normal children, their disability prevents them from attending the normal school. Those children who are deaf sometimes narrate how they cried when they were unable to follow the lessons taught in normal school because there were no teachers who knew the sign language nor could they bond with their fellow students just because they could not speak, they count those years as the lost years of their lives.
It is estimated that there are 432 million i.e. 43.2 crore people are deaf in the world and of that, there are 3.4 crore are children. In India, there are twenty lakh ( Two Million) deaf children in India. The people with hearing cannot understand the struggle the deaf undergo in communicating with them. For years, it was thought that by teaching the deaf persons to read the lips would help them understand others and communicate with each other. However, finally the deaf persons felt comfortable with sign language and it has become the universal communicant medium for the people with hearing impairment. Let us hope that soon, the United Nations would introduce a standardized Sign Language for the world so that wherever the deaf persons travel, they can communicate with each other and feel at home with their companions anywhere in the world.
Yes, the time has come to develop a universal sign language for the deaf and it is the responsibility of UNO to do that. Let us hope and pray that the deaf soon would have a universal sign language which would enable them to travel anywhere in the world and can communicate with the hearing impaired anywhere in the world.
On this World Deaf Day, let us pledge to give the best education possible to our hearing impaired brothers and sisters so they can have a bright future.