History Of Dependability St. Francis HI School Pathankot for the Deaf Children

One of the first six students who joined Saint Francis Home Pathankot was Uma from the neighborhood. She was deaf. Saint Francis Home did not have any provision for teaching the deaf and the institution did not have any provision for dealing with the deaf other than the speech therapy center and the speech therapist. However, the aunt who brought her insisted that she should continue at Saint Francis MR School, otherwise she would lose the only opportunity in life to have an education. When Saint Francis Home Hostel was started in 2009, two more children with hearing impairment joined the institution. The teachers who were trained in teaching the children with mental retardation volunteered to teach the deaf as best as they could.

It was in 2010, Rev. Sr. Nimmy, a trained and qualified HI teacher, joined Saint Francis Home Pathankot. A separate section was opened for the children with hearing impairment. In the first batch,there were five deaf students. The students were taught the Indian Sign Language first . They learned the signs very fast and were able to communicate among themselves and with their teachers. Today there are seventy-four deaf students receiving education at St. Francis HI School Pathankot. The first batch had appeared for Punjab Board Examination in 2019 and we are proud that they attempted the regular examination and all of them passed. They are pursuing the Plus-Two at St. Francis HI School and doing Commerce stream. Yes, they are taught in the sign language. All the deaf girls studying at the HI School stay at our hostel. students

Their education is not confined only to bookish knowledge. The children are encouraged to develop their innate talents. Some of them became good at painting and others at dance, both folk dances and classical dances. There are children who produced skits and small dramas. Their amazing achievement was the way they learned the Indian Classical dances and performed their dances from North to South, Pathankot to Kochi. The world-famous music conductor, Maestro Zubin Mehta was amazed by their choreography. They are ever ready to put up any cultural program at a short notice because they are highly talented, and I do sense that they have an inner urge to show the world what the deaf could do despite their disability. They need full support and appreciation from the Society to help them achieve their full potential.

We do hope and pray that these deaf children do well in life, and prove to others that they are no less than anyone else except speech just because they are unable to hear. Yes, we all learned to speak just because we could listen to our parents when they talked. Our mothers made sure we could speak the language as best as possible. That is why the first language we learned to speak and communicate is called , “Mother Tongue”.

Admission Procedure for St. Francis Deaf School: Admission to St. Francis Deaf School Pathankot is subject to the availability of seats. If the student who seeks the admission is from a school where he or she is taught in sign language, the student would be given admission in the class as per his/her performance in test. Those who come from any other school, an intensive training in the sign language would be given and be admitted in the appropriate class according to his or her academic capability. It is because there are very few parents who are able to help their child learn the sign language or help in its studies because of their inability in communicating in sign language.
Time of admission Though St. Francis HI School Pathankot prefers admissions at the beginning of the academic session, relaxation is given to those children who approach the school for admission late for no fault of their own. The delay is caused by late information about the special school. There are very few people who know about St. Francis HI School Pathankot for the deaf children. and its services are totally free.
The Documents needed for Admission:
1) Date of Birth Certificate
2) Disability Certificate
3) If joining from another school, a School Leaving Certificate with all the details. Prior Knowledge of Indian Sign language would be an added advantage for the child seeking admission.

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