History Of Dependability St. Francis HI School Pathankot for the Deaf Children

Welcome to St. Francis HI School Pathankot! Today the anthropologists accept the fact that it was the ability to communicate with each other verbally that helped the human society to evolve and get established. If a person cannot communicate through the use of words, he or she remains cut off from his or her fellow human beings. It is the language that acts as glue for the human social bonding. Till very recently, the deaf remained outside the social life as mute spectators. It was very painful for their parents to watch their deaf children cutoff from their companions of the same age. Though most of them possessed brilliant minds, they could not make use of it as there was no proper formal education for the deaf for lack of a communication skills.

To learn any spoken language, we need the ability to hear others speak. Without hearing power, we can never speak a language with all its intonations. However, language is a must for the development of the society. The deaf, by the very definition of their condition, are excluded from communication with each other.

However, it was the sixteenth century Spanish monk called Ponce de Léon who developed the sign language and taught the deaf how to communicate with each other. As the sign language developed and adapted to the needs of the local languages, the deaf had an opening to the world of learning and knowledge. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries saw the rapid spread of special schools for the deaf . Today, in every country there are facilities for the deaf to study and reach highest level of academic attainment.Now, all over the word the sign language is used by the deaf to communicate with each other and to pursue their academic studies.Today, there are deaf scientists, medical doctors, researchers and you say the profession and the deaf can do equally well in every profession except in those professions where spoken language is needed.

Saint Francis Home Pathankot is running a deaf school, St. Francis HI School, Pathankot, up to Plus Twoaffiliated to Punjab Education Board. There are 79 deaf students from Class 1 to Class 11. If you have a deaf child in your family or in your neighborhood, kindly encourage the child be admitted in a school where there is a sign language teacher to assist her or him in studies. Of course, you are always welcome to bring the deaf children to Saint Francis Home for their education, and hostel facilities are available for the deaf girl children.

Let us help our deaf children become active and useful members of our society by providing them quality education!

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